Amelia Cheng

8 years ago, Amelia’s path took her from the world of forensic biology and criminology, where she dreamed of righting wrongs in the criminal justice system, to becoming a captivating storyteller. Destiny took a detour after a chance encounter with a US Army PR officer on a Hawaiian beach, sparked a realisation: maybe her calling wasn’t confined to the lab but in the power of building connection through communication to shape narratives and drive positive actions. How peculiar,that a serendipitous encounter and connection with a stranger could lead Amelia to her true calling!Today, Amelia is the trusted confidante to both the Senior Director and Managing Director, as she plays a pivotal role in spearheading new business development initiatives. Driven by her belief to use her gift in communication to spark positive change, Amelia’s passion shines through her work with the agency’s largest clients.

Melody Laogan

Upon taking the helm at Initiative Philippines as Managing Partner two years ago, Melody Laogan set out to make the agency the most sought after media and marketing agency in the country. Her strategy was simple: do everything possible to live up to her agency’s name. By taking the initiative across all pillars in the business, Initiative Philippines charted the most successful year on record. From tackling staff churn with inclusive programs and innovating client campaigns, to landing massive media mandates from the country’s biggest advertisers, Melody’s impressive track record truly exemplifies her impact and drive as a Young Business Leader. But beyond her business acumen, her commitment in ensuring her people are happy and thriving speaks volumes. Melody’s passion is a clear demonstration of the power of young women leaders in shaping a more inclusive business landscape.

Chloe Neo

Chloe’s vision is creating impactful brands and a sustainable business. To succeed, Chloe understood the need to build a diverse agency culture where talent can thrive and grow holistically. ‘Happy People, Happy Clients, Happy Results’ – she remains guided by this simple philosophy and continues to wield influence beyond the advertising industry. An active participant in mentoring and nurturing the next generation of talent and opening doors to those who might be overlooked, Chloe is fearless in her pursuit of diversity and inclusion at every step of the way, making Omnicom Media Group Singapore one of the best companies to work for in Asia with a thriving OMG community that rally together to do well, do more and do good.

Wendy Siew

Japan is a market that has long struggles with female leadership. In 2022-23, women represented just 11.4% of executives major listed companies in Japan last year and one in five of leading Japanese companies do not have any female directors. To succeed in such a tough market, Wendy exemplifies 2 key beliefs in her leadership style:空気を読む Kuki O Yomi and 現場Gen Ba. This entry shows how Wendy made her vision of agency differentiation through strategic and diverse thinking come to life by living these behaviors. This has resulted talent retention, client retention, as well as stellar business results in 2023.

Irsalina Batrisyia

Joining MBCS in 2022 as the youngest member of her team, Salina’s journey is one of unwavering determination and impactful innovation in the advertising realm.

In the realm of social media and influencer marketing where keeping pace with viral content and fleeting trends is paramount, Salina positioned herself to help bridge the gap between evolving algorithms and ever-changing trends, navigating the world of Gen Z to provide vital insights into the volatile digital landscape.

Her ability to flex between worlds has not only led to creating the kind of award winning work that once inspired her for renowned brands like Spotify but also positive effects on business growth and brand building.

Viewing her achievements as part of a collective effort to drive positive change in both in her sphere of life and the industry, Salina is a trailblazer that embraces opportunities to learn and grow along the way.