Kate O’Loughlin

In less than 6 years I’ve progressed from “anxious intern” to a market leading Associate Strategy Director managing some of the most culturally powerful brands in market. I am proud to not only deliver work that excels, but to create and advocate for the voices of our next generation of talent to make the industry more psychologically safe for newcomers.
My idea of success is defied by the ability to overcome churn and challenge industry protocols by reinventing archaic beliefs and practices, delivering my passion of psychological safety to the next generation.

Geraldine Wong

Geraldine, Group Chief Data Officer at GXS Bank, spearheads the bank’s data ecosystem, blending customer insights with technology to foster innovation. Her vision is to position GXS as an innovative leader fostering employee growth amid emerging technologies. Despite her leadership, navigating GXS through the digital banking landscape presented multifaceted challenges. Crafting and executing a data strategy proved intricate, with diverse stakeholders necessitating nuanced frameworks and policies, further complicated by remote collaboration amidst Covid-19. Establishing trust among ecosystem partners such as Grab and Singtel posed another hurdle. To leverage data assets effectively, intricate data-sharing agreements balancing risk appetites were essential, demanding operational brainstorming. Geraldine’s leadership shines through as she adeptly addresses these challenges, ensuring GXS remains at the forefront of innovation. With her strategic acumen and commitment to collaboration, Geraldine propels GXS towards its goal of industry leadership, fostering a culture of technological prowess and adaptability.

Florence Kong

Florence Kong, the fearless leader of We Glow Agency, has established herself as a visionary entrepreneur in the marketing and branding industry. Against all odds, she founded We Glow in Hong Kong, recognizing its importance as a gateway to China and a platform to serve both Chinese enterprises and international clients. Florence’s independent agency model goes beyond traditional creativity, incorporating strategic planning, digital expertise, and data analysis to meet the diverse needs of clients. By bridging the gap between Chinese enterprises and international clients, she reinforces Hong Kong’s significance as a hub for business growth. With her dedication and forward-thinking mindset, Florence is driving innovation and shaping the future of marketing and branding in the region.