Joanne Tong

Joanne Tong joined IPG Mediabrands Hong Kong in 2022 as the Head of Strategy for Hong Kong and Taiwan. She was shortly promoted to the Managing Director of IPG Mediabrands Hong Kong; while continues to lead the Strategy Department.

Joanne supports the entities leaders to deliver the overall performance of the group. She directs and control the company’s operation while leads the conversation with regional leaders to ensure missions and objects are met, including talent recruitment and retention. She also develops and maintains research and development programmes to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the industry.

Joanne believes in IPG Mediabrands’ talents, values each teammate’s uniqueness and spends time to get close them. Only when all great talents collaborate, the group can become a stronger “one”.

IPG Mediabrands is becoming a stronger and strategic agency packed with passionate talents. Joanne hopes clients can value and respect IPG Mediabrands as a partner.

AIA Singapore

AIA Singapore is committed to its purpose of enabling Healthier, Longer, Better Lives (HLBL) for individuals and families. Understanding concerning gaps in wellness among Singaporeans, with notable issues in physical fitness and mental health, AIA Singapore intensified efforts to empower its stakeholders through enhanced health and wellness programs such as AIA Vitality and Think Well. Employee wellness is prioritized through a comprehensive strategy including mental wellness days, counseling services, and wellness benefits. The company’s meritocratic culture and inclusive leadership have led to significant achievements, including gender diversity in C-Suite roles. AIA Singapore’s initiatives extend beyond internal programs, with a focus on environmental sustainability and community engagement. Positive outcomes, such as improved health indicators among AIA Vitality users and recognition as the Best Employee Insurance Provider, underscore the success of AIA Singapore’s commitment to HLBL.


We value diversity and inclusion and we’re proud of our strong representation of female leadership – but also of the culture and environment we create that delivers equity for everyone. Our senior leadership has been instrumental in driving progress and we have invested significant time and effort in supporting our workforce with training, initiatives and policies that enable everyone to thrive and continue their career with us whatever their life stage. Things like our Gender-Neutral Parental Leave, menopause and gender affirmation policies, flexible public holidays, Bridge and Strive – our future of work and flexibility policy. To achieve our mission, we are implementing meaningful initiatives & policies underpinned by education. Our commitment to diversity and shaping our policies to provide support for people at different life stages, particularly women, has had a positive impact on our business culture and financial performance.

Omnicom Media Group

The Company champions being a people first organization and every initiative started had Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as a guiding star, considering a wholistic impact the company can drive as an organisation. The EVP framework was anchored by; EMPOWER – ELEVATE – ENGAGE. With a diverse workforce, including many women in leadership roles, the Company fosters collaboration and innovation through inclusive policies. The Company invests in training and mentorship, empowering female employees to grow. Multiple initiatives such as equal pay and opportunity, gender-neutral systems, flexible working arrangement, mental wellness, DEI training and etc. have been implemented to support women in the workplace for better growth and job satisfaction.