DDB Mudra Group

‘The Phyllis Project’, DDB Mudra Group’s flagship women’s leadership development program, expanded to the Asia region in 2023. Launched in 2020, the program has seen over 52 women leaders grow with it and experience an intense and multi-dimensional journey of training, inspiration, mentorship, and community building. The program design has been fine-tuned over years to systematically, consistently and effectively support women leaders discover their personal leadership styles and maximise impact in their organisations and outside. The robust framework starts with personal motivation discovery through the RMP system, and goes on to include exposure to industry stalwarts, functional and soft training, one-on-one mentoring to tackle personal development challenges, and community building to strengthen networks and a sense of belonging. The program has helped DDB India improve its gender ratio by 9%, and across levels. But the program’s impact transcends numbers, creating confident women leaders, inspiring alumnae, and influencing workplace perceptions.


Up until Cancer Chicks, young women facing life-threatening illness often fell through the cracks of the healthcare system.

With wish-granting programs ending at age 20 and care charities set up to support specific illness’, often catering to the more common cancers, a large pool of Australian women had no where to turn to when trying to seek support.

Diagnosed with blood cancer at the age of 20, Rikki confronted the isolating and daunting reality of chemotherapy and surgeries. In her attempt to seek out companionship and guidance from fellow young cancer sufferers and survivors, Rikki reached out to many hospital services and charities but was met with discouragement when these organizations cited confidentiality concerns as a reason for not connecting her with her peers.

Recognizing the profound need for support among her peers, she committed to change, building an online community group called Cancer Chicks.

Lieza Punsalan

Lieza, a trailblazer in the agency, won the very first AOY NextGen Award for Accounts in 2022. Prioritizing employee mental health and launched internal programs like “MeFromHome”, elevated Client-Servicing through launching “Accounts Masterclass 2023”, and her biggest project – “DC CommuniTeach”, a program aiming to give back to less fortunate communities by sharing the Agency’s knowledge on digital, content creation, and most especially protecting one’s mental health. The buzz and interest it sparked across different communities have caught the attention of the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry. With this new partnership, more micro-entrepreneurs and aspiring content creators – especially those from far-flung provinces, will finally have access to what DC CommuniTeach has to offer, starting with a special Women’s Month program that focuses on empowering underprivileged women entrepreneurs.

She inspires and shows that great business results can be achieved while going beyond oneself to protect others and relevant communities.

Preeti Arora Razdan

Preeti Arora Razdan, as the foremost executive for the company in Southeast Asia, has led transformative strategies that greatly elevated the region’s business performance. She champions a culture of growth and humility, and advocates for learning through experimentation. Her vision for the company emphasises disruptive innovation, which drives the company’s ethos and strategies. Under her leadership, the company is on track to reach its goal of 50% female representation in SEA by 2030, with some markets already exceeding this goal six years in advance. Notably, Preeti navigated the company through the challenges of the pandemic, ensuring employee safety and business continuity. She has led game-changing ESG initiatives, which have left an indelible impact across its stakeholder network, including the communities they live, work, source and sell in. Her impactful leadership and commitment to excellence is what makes her a strong contender for the Women Leading Change of the Year award.