Award: Individual Categories \ Business Leader

As the key lead on Mindshare China’s largest account, L’Équipe L’Oréal, Audrey was responsible for leading a team of over 150 people across 20+ brands. Just looking at these numbers – one can say that Audrey has been the equivalent of an agency group CEO outside of Mindshare. It’s a task deemed the most challenging of anyone’s career, yet for Audrey it feels effortless.

2020 brought Audrey her toughest challenge yet. COVID-19 erupted in China right smack in the middle of the Nation’s most important festival, Chinese New Year. Overnight, Audrey had to juggle between managing clients remotely and working with her team to find new solutions to the unprecedented crisis.

Thanks to her unique skillset, Audrey was able to not only guide the team through the pandemic, but also ensure she delivered on content, consumer, tech and digital innovation, all while being a key mentor!