Award: Individual Categories \ CEO of the Year

Yuhong Li is a visionary leader, a hardworking entrepreneur, and a CEO that people want to follow.

She has had rich experiences as the youngest local 4A chief strategy officer and managing director. In 2018, she founded Ylab, determined to create a new-generation brand strategy consulting company with a new business model and change the decadent status quo of vicious competition in the consulting industry. Yuhong abandoned the brand strategy methodology that the industry has used for nearly half a century and innovated a brand-new model that faced the future and integrated business thinking. After two years of practice, the 100% business growth of many Fortune 500 brands has proved the feasibility of Ylab’s new business model.

Yuhong’s goal for Ylab is to become the world’s top brand strategy consulting company, create several world-renowned high-potential brands, and cultivate 100 outstanding female leaders within 10 years.