Award: Individual Categories \ Creative Captain

Echo He is the Director of Content+, Mindshare China’s dedicated Content division. Originally working as a television producer, Echo has transformed herself into one of China’s most awarded content marketing talents, leading a team of 6.

Known as the Virtual Idol Queen – Echo led Mindshare to become China’s first agency to engage virtual idols in commercial opportunities. Working across a wide range of clients, from L’Occitane to KFC and Mirinda, Echo continues to push the boundaries of innovation. From creating China’s first ever livestream to feature a virtual idol, to helping female gamers get their due recognition in the world’s most popular mobile game, Echo has been a key champion for content inclusion.

Today, Echo and her team’s work is recongised as industry leading, having scored over 80 prestigious awards in just 2 years, as well as creating the world’s 2nd most awarded campaign (WARC 2020), Colonel KI.