Award: Individual Categories \ Sustainability Leader (NEW)

Ellie has been a leader in the sustainability space for over a decade, championing world-class sustainability initiatives in the finance and real estate sector. Whether it be for publicly listed conglomerates or scaling startups, Ellie‚Äôs mission is to drive change for generations to come.Ellie created the New World Group and K11 Sustainability function and all relevant initiatives. From building standards, market-first sustainable finance deals and an urban biodiversity museum, to a sustainability startup accelerator, Ellie set an example for corporates in Asia to integrate sustainability for business success. Her energy, strength in communicating sustainability to different stakeholders, and her breadth and depth in driving sustainable development has made her a formidable force in the business sector. Ellie is leading a new generation of sustainability practitioners as “intrapreneurs”. Under her leadership, New World and K11 have been recognized as one of the most sustainability-driven retail and real estate brands in Asia.