Award: Business \ Chief Marketer (NEW)

Rabel Sadozai’s enthusiasm for innovation has been her driving force during her ongoing tenure within the agriculture sector and she is acclaimed to be the first female within the sector to be steering a high-ranking position. Her visionary stewardship has propelled her through many significant milestones, including the proposal and successful implementation of Pakistan’s first-ever Farmer’s Day which was also officially recognized by the Government of Pakistan. Rabel has also been actively engaged in empowering and celebrating women in the agriculture sector. This unwavering commitment is evident through her pioneering campaigns which received major acclaim locally and internationally. Rabel is a quintessential leadership resource who exudes expertise, experience, and innovation. Her outstanding performance and visionary leadership make her an inspiration for emerging women leaders in Pakistan’s corporate sector. As she continues to spearhead initiatives for the welfare and prosperity of Pakistani farmers, Rabel’s profound impact will be transformative and far-reaching.