Award: Business \ Rising Star

Chloe is an Account Director at DSTNCT, a leading creative agency in Singapore. As an Account Director, she oversees achieving and growing DSTNCT’s revenue targets, opening new revenue streams and managing client relationships and brand direction.

She has an unending fascination with the question: “what moves people?” and is driven by a passion to creatively solve meaningful problems that brands face when it comes to moving audiences – be it moving people towards experiencing a particular feeling, getting them to take action, shifting perspectives or behavioural change.

Under her leadership, DSTNCT has acquired numerous landmark clients, achieved award-winning campaigns and year-on-year extraordinary revenue growth despite the pandemic. She has played a pivotal role in elevating the standards and reputation of DSTNCT, with DSTNCT currently ranking 1st for most preferred local agency amongst the Whole-of-Government panel.