Award: Human Resources \ Best Company for Women

Three years ago, Initiative Australia set an ambitious north star – to become the most revered agency in market. One that doesn’t chase but attracts the best talent and clients. By 2022 this vision was more than realised, with Initiative creating industry leading programs that saw churn rate plummet, vacancy rate remain in single digits and the business win every talent and culture award in the market…all leading to record growth.

The challenge moving forward was to keep that momentum going. A difficult ask in good times, seemingly impossible in a once-in-a-century talent crisis – where every business is upping their policies, programs and promotion to gain an advantage.

In 2022, Initiative’s vision was to transcend media industry, tackle systemic barriers and set a new standard for all businesses to learn from…in the process reinforcing to all employees and prospective talent that it is the best company for women.