Award: Special \ Woman Leading Change of the Year

Anna Soliman would be a worthy Woman Leading Change of the Year awardee. What makes her exceptional is her ability to lead high-impact programs and talents across companies, industries, and countries globally, all without a traditional management role.

What sets Anna Soliman and her work apart from others?

1. Anna is a Leader of Leaders – Heads of industries and companies rally behind her programs.

2. A Leader of Women – Globally, hundreds of women across organizations are guided by her on their career journeys.

3. Puts others on the path to Leadership – She openly shares her plans and approach, making it easier for others following behind her.

Anna is the embodiment of how leadership can come from anyone and anywhere. Honoring her through this prize will be a clarion call for personal accountability and true progress, a declaration that it’s time for all of us to lead change.